About PinMarks.me

Pinmarks.me - share your real-time location with your friends.

PinMarks.me is a sports app bringing marathons and other similar sports events to grass-roots level through real-time following of participants on a map.

Your family and friends can follow you on a sports event or on other out-door activities. They can check how fast you are going, how well you are progressing on the track, or how well you are doing compared to others.

So far media covers mostly professional athletes on sports events - the leader group or favourites are in focus. PinMarks.me helps adding the personal and social media aspects to the competition.

We can follow the everyday amateur and hobby athletes on the run - where is the larger crowd, how is this particular friend of yours doing on the run.

Simple to use

You as a participant just start the PinMarks.me app on your GPS enabled mobile phone before running. Your friends and family follow you in real-time at your personal PinMarks.me URL (example: http://pinmarks.me/Sven).

Later you can check your track and results. Easy!